[US]Ethos|Rust++|Wiped-1/22|Active Admins|Door Share|PvP|Sleepers|

This is a fresh server, that was wiped on 1/22. We are looking for some groups that will provide a steady population.

**How to connect: **: Press F1 at the main menu to open the console. Then copy “net.connect” (without the ") and paste it into the console and hit enter.
Server Settings Wiped: 1/22

Slots: 100

Starter Kit

Airdrop Minimum Population: 30


Sleepers: On

Crafting Speed: 50%

Time Scale: Standard

Mods Installed: Rust++, Door Sharing, Private Messaging

Active Admins

Noob Friendly

There is ZERO tolerance for Admin Abuse and Hackers. Server is designed to be fair for everyone.
As of right now the server is very noob friendly but due to the nature of the game this will obviously change. The server is located in US Dallas, TX and is 100% lag free. Currently we have 4 admins who are all active.

Awesome server! People are cool/nice but as always the game is to survive right? Just needs more people.

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bump for love :slight_smile:

looking forward to playing with you guys

Sounds good, I’ll join!