(US) EverRust: Landmark (Door Share, Wild West, Limited Tech, Jan13th)

FRESH NEW MAP (January 13) ! Door share. Friendly admins.
Disabled all Military-grade firearms: No M4, MP5, P250, 9mm Pistol.
Only make-shift firearms: Bow/Arrow, Revolver, Hand Cannon, Pipe Shotgun, Bolt-Action.
Disabled Silencer. All other weapon upgrades available.

Join manually with these steps: 1) Bring up the console: (F1) 2) type: net.connect
This all makes for interesting PvP.

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Sleep is on. c4 is drop only! No craftable c4.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

sounds fun. IP?

We will be increasing air-drop rates soon.

Very good server, enjoying the fact you dont have op weapons likethe M4, MP5, etc etc, Feels like a real survival game with low tech stuff :slight_smile:

I dig this server. Its allot of fun. Seems like people are playing well together. No huge amounts of C4 falling everywhere so it focus’s more on strategic battles and makes the pvp a little more engaging. No more Bang, dead. Bang, Kevlar now I’m dead LOL.

Yea, who would have thought? Rust with “rustic” weapons only.

It’s more fun being dependent on a pipe shotgun. Yesterday I was in a 2 v 2 that lasted more than 5 minutes, good times.

Tired of the low TTK? Give us a chance! NO military-grade weapons = fun gun fights!

OMG! wild west server!


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DUDE just check this server out though! Soon theyre gonna cut down craft time! zomg!!

Lowered the crafting time to 3/4th!