[US] FactorialGaming.com | Rare Military | Oxide | Doorshare | Sleepers | Active Admins | PvP | Noob Friendly

Welcome to FactorialGaming’s Rust Server!

Press F1 and type this in console: net.connect rust.factorialgaming.com:28015

Door Sharing
Custom Airdrops
Great Performance - No Lag!
Active and Helpful Admins
No Admin Abuse
Rare Drops - the only ways to military-grade weapons and C4 are airdrops, crates and zombies, so great ready to fight for your prize! Better research that gun while you have it!
FREE survival kit and PERKS - when you sign up on our forums or invite your friends!

Slots: 100
Uptime - 24/7
Airdrops: On
PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 50%
Time Scale: Standard
Location - Dallas, Texas

IP - mumble.factorialgaming.com
Port - 64738
[Tutorial] Download And Connect to Mumble


  1. Hacking, duping or glitching will result in an instant ban.
  2. No spamming, advertising or flooding chat.

We have active, fair and friendly admins that will help you along if you need it. FactorialGaming.com is a large community of friendly gamers - you’ll have someone watching your back … or an extra someone to raid! We have a team of modders and coders dedicated to improving gameplay! Events are being organized for Rust, so prepare for an awesome time, and good luck surviving!

See you ingame!

great server, i suggested it to all my friends

Sounds great, I can’t seem to get away from admin abuse to save my life, I’ll have to give this one a try.

Moved hosts, so we updated the hostname and port! Plenty of folks playing on the server, feel free to come join us!

**thanks for the update, its been great playing on the server. there are so many friendly people **:smile:

Awesome server. Really keeps me entertained at times. Kind people and they don’t cry so much when some one gets raided. Also, they’re active admins and they help out a lot while in need.

Glad you guys are liking the server so far! Anyone is free to join up as well, the more the merrier!

What a great server! I love playing here!!!

Thanks for the support! Feel free to hit up and admin if you need any help on the server. Also, don’t forget to sign up on our forums for a FREE in-game survival kit!

Updating to Oxide 1.8 - no wipes necessary. Come on in!

Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys

Hey Wilson150, feel free to play on the server and apply for admin on our forums. Join the server for more info