[US] Fair admins 24/7, Noob friendly, Limited C4, Door Sharing, PM's, Chat History, Friends List, PvP, Slprs, HACKERS BANNED quickly

Connection Info:

How to connect:

  1. Hit F1 at the main menu
  2. type: net.connect
  3. hit enter

Noob friendly

Saved shared doors! No more reset every time you relog!

NO C4 Crafting, you can only loot C4, you can’t make it!

Free Vent Admin Support Server for all our players! HOST: krypton.typefrag.com:5988 - pass: wiw - 24/7 Admin Support

The Best part is… NO ADMIN BASES, NO ADMIN COMBAT, Admins DON’T PLAY on this server!

PvP - Sleepers - Shared Doors - Private Messages - Friends Lists - 1/2 Craft - Free Vent support