[US]Fair Admins|Insta|Slprs|PVP|Mass Drops|Uncrftble Explosives

This server is for those who enjoy PVP and having limited raids on your base. Explosives will be uncraftable so you will need to either find already made C4 which drop in boxes, zombies, and airdrops. Or you will gather explosives also from those 3 things to craft your own c4.

Reduced Item Durability and zero Armor Durability!

If you are grieved place a ticket and admins will come to destroy where you were grieved at their earliest opportunity.

The loot tables are increase to give out slightly more ammo than usual as well as gun boxes actually containing guns 65% of the time and blueprints(For guns only) the rest of the time.

-Door Sharing
-Automatic Starter Kit of metal Hatchet and Hunting Bow
-Food Kit
-Stats & Leaderboards
-Airdrop Frequency- Tiered by the number of players- Up to 6 airdrops per Rust day cycle
-Death messages

No wipes scheduled and won’t do it unless required by updates in which case there will be an increased starter kit to ease the pain of rebuilding all the work you’ve done!

Hit F1 Type "net.connect

See you out there!

great server help it get more people guys!



Help get us to #1.

Just added Removed Durability! Come join our server!