[US] Florida | Noob Friendly | Sleepers | PvP | No ABUSE

Come join my server, none of the admin’s on my server play the game, so there will be no admin abuse. We are only there to insure hackers don’t run rampant.

There are 2 apartment buildings I have constructed that new players are welcome to move into until they get settled.

A PvP arena is under construction.

Also, I have a backup server that data is copied to every 20 minutes. If we come under attack from DDoS I have a separate host and region I can bring up with minimal loss to your data. In a matter of minutes.

I am also 30+ and a professional, I treat everyone with respect and help wherever I can.



lxI Suicide lxI

ok meet u therer

If you see me on, ask me about the free apartment!


Bump for a good server that needs some players. DDoS killed us last weekend and we haven’t recovered. Low pop for now, but nice fast server

Wiping the server right now. Characters are still in place, but map is being wiped clean.

Join us!!