US Forces Crossing Red Square

So yeah I got tired and don’t want to continue this.

I guess it’s self explaining.

Feel free to rate and comment and criticize.

again Russia!!!
but yeah,screenshoot is good

Glowy soldiers and APC.

Is that a tiger face in the smoke?

The isolation is a bit messed up and the smoke looks hella weird.

The smoke is totally wierd, it’s as if there is a huuuuuuge fan just blowing it in one direction, and even then it wouldn’t look like that. Unless the smoke is very tiny, it won’t be affected by wind like that. And even then, it still wouldn’t look like that. I think you should watch some videos of how smoke actually moves.

Only in your dream guys :v:

So, now we need RF forces in Washington DC.

Now we need to destroy all humans. And there will be no more war. Forever. C:

America! FUCK YEAH!
But seriously, the editing on the towers is horrible, and the isolation is really bad.

Did they drive through Chernobyl first and get radiation on them or some shit?

Very optimistic.