[US] FragZone Vanilla (Wiped 3/12) PvP/Sleepers/Admins/Airdrops

FragZone is a new server with a low slot count to keep things in control. Admins are actively monitoring the server all the time to ensure that hackers stay out of the environment. There are no mods installed, so the server is vanilla. There are no starter kits or extra tools for noobs. That is not to say that the server is not noob friendly. We welcome all people of all ages as long as you are mature (no whining when you are killed). Check out our server and enjoy!

  • Airdrops
  • Sleepers
  • Player vs Player
  • Normal Crafting
  • No Mods
  • Locked Backpacks (30 seconds)
  • Noob Friendly


  • Do not attempt to cheat, hack or exploit
  • Do not spam the chat or purposefully disrespect or annoy players
  • Building around box spawns is not allowed

How To Join:

  • Press F1 to open the console
  • Type “net.connect” (without parentheses)
  • Press enter and enjoy

Admins: VinylNoodle, SexyPandaGaming98, CatOnPC

[editline]12th March 2014[/editline]

Airdrop AND a special event at 7:00 PM EST if we get 15 players.

A special event and party will occur at 5:30 PM EDT if we get 15 more players!

Airdrop at 15 players again!

This server is great and my friends and I love to play on it and there is no admin abuse at all!!! come and join me and the rest of the server