|US| Fresh Rust Server Rust++. No Admin Abuse. Low C4. Fun!


New Modded PvP/Sleepers server with the RUST++ and DropParty mods, with these the drops for C4 have been cut to help requested balance. Here is a link for details on RUST++ for those who do not know RUST++,[RUST++](http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1342369) MOD.
So come on down and join up and get your base built before everyone else joins in and steals all the good locations.
Below is a recap of details on the server in list along with IP address and such. Also, Please bump on this if you join and have a good time, plan to keep it updated and going for all to enjoy.

Server Name: --- >TLB<---- {US}NOOB Friendly Rust++. Vacuum. DropParty. Door Sharing.

Server IP: (press F1 type "net.connect")

Server MODS: Leather, DropParty, RUST++

Player vs Player: Enabled

Sleepers: Enabled

Door Sharing: Enabled

Starter Kit: Enabled

Airdrop Player Min: 20

Admin Abuse: None

C4/ Exlposive Drops: Low

Newbie Friendly: YES!

Thank You.

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c4 craftable?