[US]Friendly|Door Sharing|Base Alarms|Sleepers|Fast Craft


Server Name: [US]Friendly|Door Sharing|Base Alarms|Sleepers|Economy|Fast Craft
IP: net.connect
Website: eFluxgaming.com

Slots: 100
Airdrops: On (10 players min)
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 75%
Time Scale: Standard
Mods Installed: Oxide, Door Sharing, Loot Spawn Lists, Private Messaging, Location, Death Message, The Purge, Stats, Admin Help, Groups, Chat History, Fix Your Name. Base Alarms, Remover Tool, Quests, Death Handler, Location, Economy, Friends, Bounty

Active Admins•
Beginner Friendly: Yes
Admin Power Usage: Not Used
Seeking Admins: Yes (Limited to Kick/Ban for hackers)

Admin abuse and hacking are taken very seriously. The server was created in our vision to create a fun experience for all players. Absolutely no item spawning will be provided nor used by the admins.•
We are looking for experience server Admins.•
You must be active and a presence on the server for a minimum of 7 days before applying.
Admin for 1-3 hours a day, minimum.
Must have a mic and Teamspeak
18 yrs or older
No VAC bans on record.


  1. Door sharing… share your doors with your friends while keeping them safe from enemies!
  2. Rare drops… the only way to get high-grade weapons is from airdrops, so prepare to fight fiercely for weapons which you can’t get anywhere else!
  3. Oxmin admin mod… admins that don’t cheat and spawn things in, because they can’t!
  4. Private Messaging… Can PM other players in server.
  5. Location… Can pull up your coordinates.
  6. Death Message… Tells you who killed you and with what.
  7. Stats… Shows your Kills and Deaths.
  8. The Purge… Allow you to open all your doors so people can try to raid you.
  9. Admin Help… Allows you to create tickets to admins or pm admins.
  10. Groups… Allows you to create a group and chat within it.
  11. Chat History… Allows you to pull up old text.
  12. Fix Your Name… Does not allow players to join with names that cannot be ban.
  13. Base Alarms… Tells the owner of the house that there base is being attacked.
  14. Remover Tool… Which allows players to remove any base parts from there house.
  15. Quests… Killing zombies will give you rewards.
  16. Death Handler… Tells you who killed you and with what.
  17. Location… Tells you you’re coordinates.
  18. Economy… Buy and Sell items
  19. Friends… Add Friends to a friends list.
  20. Bounty… Set a bounty on other players

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