[US] Friendly PvP! (Just Wiped! :D)

New 100 slot server! Start off With nothing just as everyone else will.

This is a US server hosted in Columbus, Ohio, but several admins are from across the world and are somewhat bilingual and have much experience.

There will be active admins to discourage cheating and update the server in a timely manner, but there will be no spawning in of items whatsoever. Admins will grind and build like everyone else.

FRIENDLY PVP! | Just Wiped! :smiley: โ€“ connect directly using:

Admins are all mature and very kind, and will expect other admins to act mature as well. All admins arenโ€™t on at the same time due to different time zones. Please be patient if weโ€™re busy!

Wipes will occur only when the development forces it (save files cannot be preserved after update or major bugs are fixed that would affect fair play by players on the server).

We expect to provide the community with a server that can be played on with the same level of expectation as an official server! Please come and have fun! :smiley:

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Please join today all spammers and annoyances or unfair gamers have been and will be removed! :smiley: