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GamersSanctum.net Server Is Up And Running!!

Connection Info: rust.gamerssanctum.net:28105
Teamspeak 3 info: ts3.gamerssanctum.net :: default port
Server Admins: MindlessMe, Maulth
Ranking: GS Server Rank

Server Info
The GamersSanctum.net server has been up and running for days now and we are looking to fill it with players. Right now we have about 10 active players including the admins. There is plenty of room for you guys to join in the fun, so hurry up!

First off I will tell you that both admins(MindlessMe and Maulth) play without any Admin commands. The only thing we use admin for is to ban or kick people. All our materials are gathered like yours. We are also active most of the time on the server, so if you have any issues feel free to let us know.

Our server does operate with a few rules. These aren’t to everyone’s liking but it makes things a little more balanced. Disregarding these rules will result in an immediate ban from the server.

1. Don’t be an idiot. If you wouldn’t say it to someone outside of the internet, don’t say it to them on it. Raiding, pillaging, ganking, killing; these things are all OK and fun. What’s not OK is harassing someone or being a complete ass.

2. You cannot build a structure that would block another player into their structure, or allow you to access a part of their structure that you could not normally access. i.e. You cannot build a foundation and ramp to circumvent their wall(s).

3. Have fun and enjoy the game. It’s a game, and as such, you’re going to die, you’re going to lose stuff, and you’re going to probably feel bad about it. Don’t! It’s a game, it’s meant to be played for fun, and by freaking out, you hurt your gaming experience, and everyone around you.

The Plugins
At this point in time we are using Oxide on the server and have a number of plugins. Some of them include:

***** Player list
***** Groups Plugin
***** Starter Kits
***** Death Messages
***** Stats and Rankings for PVP
***** Coordinates
***** Antidecay(Barricades and Spikes still decay)
***** Door Sharing(No Combinations)
***** Pickaxe remover(Can remove own objects)
***** No Crafting Explosives(Can still craft Explosive Charge)

In the future we plan to have arena battles and titles that will come with it. We will also keep you guys up to date on any cool plugins that we can find and add into the game!

Hey guys, we moved over to a new host so the server is very stable!

We have updated our server to the new version. All Oxide plugins are disabled until the new update is released. Enjoy Vanilla for now!