(US) Gameserver Central -- Wiped 3/22 -- Rare C4 -- Check Us Out!!! --

GenerHaven has launched 3/22/14. net.connect

Military weapons and C4 are rare, you can craft the C4 but must loot the goo from a variety of sources. The main goal is to make the good stuff matter a bit more than usual.

Durability is on, but set pretty low. Think twice about farming in your Sunday best, it WILL break eventually.

Airdrops tiers are set to 8, 20 and 40 right now. 8 people to get 1 drop per day, 20 to get 2 etc.

Our rules are simple, you can basically sum them up with the first one, don’t be an asshole.

  1. Don’t be an asshole. 2) Don’t block people into their bases so they can’t use them without C4. (Includes spikes. Yeah, I know you can hatchet them) 3) Don’t build on top of rad box areas.

Make sure to check /help, I tweaked the plugins to flesh out the help info.

Plugins we’re running atm: Groups Door Sharing Oxmin Logr Pick Axe remove Airdrop frequency Chat history Death notices Decay delay Loot spawn lists Player list Tickets True north - Compass and /loc