|US|GcM PVP NoCrying Sleeper/noobs New server with active admin

GcM is a gaming clan that has been around for about 10 years were cool fun people that love to game and pvp. And we do not abuse our admin! So if you like the same things come in have a good time. We also have a website that you can come an check out and if you have any problems you can post it on there. it is under construction at the time but forums are up and able to be used. www.gcgaming.net Hope to see you in the server! I am Bigifty the clan leader if you need anything let me know.

For those of you that dont know about the easyist way to connect to a server that you would like to play one if you have the IP address is: Open the game and hit F1 and type in net.connect “then the IP” so it will look like this net.connect if you copy that and paste it in this will take you to our server. Hope this helps.

Awesome server, fair admins, lag and crash free…

No reason not to play!

Come join the fun! :rock:

Come join our server! lag and crash free!

We here at GcM are always here to help if you need anything!

Come join the awesomeness that is GcM Rust! :quagmire: