[US] Gentlemen Gamers [InstaCraft] [Vanilla] [Mass Airdrops] [24/7] [Lag Free] [Events] [Fair Admins]

Hi, We are a new Rust server that has just started a couple hours ago, we are vanilla as of right now with mass airdrops, planned events, and more to come in the future.
To join our server if you don’t know already do the following:

  1. Start up Rust, Of course.
  2. Open up console by pressing F1.
  3. type in console net.connect
  4. Press enter and you’re in!

We are a fair,and noob friendly, we are just starting up so we hope to see new players come on. If you want a head start you can come on, we hardly ever do a wipe!


  • Close to Vanilla other than we have mass airdrops, and instacraft.
  • Instacraft
  • Airdrops at 25 players.
  • 100 player Rust server.
  • Fair admins.
  • Great website.
  • Noob friendly.
  • Hardly any wipes.
  • Friendly admins.
  • Great community.
  • Great website at http://gentlemengamers.enjin.com

Hope to see you on our server!

~ Laughin Mann

We are still looking for players to come join our server as always! So come drop on by. We are a friendly community!

This is really new, so of course no one would having buildings on it so it needs players on, good server to play on.

The server now has Cheat punch on it, thanks for the comment much appreciate it!

We are in need of more players! We are offering a special pack if you sign up on our website and join our server! Be sure to read the news post on the homepage!

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