[US] GO-Gaming - OXIDE - 50 Slots - No Sleepers - PvP - Homes - Economy - Fair Admins - Door Share - Hosted by Multiplay!

WELCOME to GO-Gaming! We’re a community that will let you play as you wish! You can raid your enemies, work together, build a huge base, and PvP with other players!

We have the plugin Basic Economy, which means you can buy and sell as you wish. You can buy C4 in it too! It’s quite expensive, but if you don’t have the money to get some in an Supply Drop, you can get 1!

You can also set your home. You can do this by using the command /sethome.

Other Features:

PvP is ENABLED - You can kill anyone you want!

Sleepers are DISABLED - You’re safe to leave when you want!

You can TELEPORT - Use /tpa “Name” to teleport to people!

Admins don’t spawn things for themselves or people! It’s quite fair!

How do I join the server? You can join by hitting “F1” on your keyboard while in Rust and pasting the following command: net.connect

You’re all set! Get ready to have the Rust experience of your life!

HAVE FUN! :smiley:

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We now have new items in the shop! Come on to the server to experience the awesomeness that is GO-Gaming!