[US] Golden-Gamers.com | Sleeper | DoorShare | Instacraft | Active + Friendy Admins

www.Golden-Gamers.com Rust Server!

Note: More updated information can be found here: http://golden-gamers.com/showthread.php?tid=26568&pid=27306

-No Racism (Why does this even need to be said?)
-Cursing is fine but lengthy rage posts in chat are not
-No Hacking (no shit)
-Don’t be a dick

Console (F1): net.connect

Name: [US] Golden-Gamers.com | Sleeper | DoorShare | Instacraft | Active + Friendy Admins
Location: New York
Slots: 50
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Door Share: Yes
VACuum: Yes (This automatically bans ALL players that have ANY previous VAC bans)

Note: You DO NOT need to include “quotation marks” in the following commands unless the value entered has a space in it.

Can I get a teleport to my friends?
*Sure! Type /tpa “Friends Name” in chat and they will get a request to allow you to teleport to them. Note: Don’t move for a few seconds after requesting a teleport.
Can I share my doors with friends?
*Sure! Type /share “Friend’s Name” in chat and they will be able to open ALL of your doors.
Can I see old chat messages that I missed?
*Sure! Type /history “#” in chat and the last “#” messages will appear. Note: # can only be a value from 1-50.
Can I send a private message to a friend?
*Sure! Type /pm “Friend’s Name” “Message” and your message will be delivered directly to them.

So far the server is going awesomely :smiley:

We have a few small groups now (5-6) that have broken off and formed bases in different areas of the map.

It’s really nice to see that, so far, everyone seems super friendly :smiley:


So far we still don’t have any dicks on the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Because people may say whatever they want?

Where did you get that idea?

No racism allowed, zero tolerance.

I just got back from work, I’ll jump on shortly and check out the server.


Well steam is down so I can’t get on :confused:

I’ll try again later :smiley:

I’ve been on, but nobody else is. I’m literally the only one.

Not seeing much trace of these 5-6 other groups.

Steam was offline so no one could connect :confused:

I got on about 20 min ago.

There is a group by the beach and a group by south rad town, the others I have only met a few times on the road or in rad towns.

I was on last night and was thrilled to see some new faces :slight_smile:


Make sure to join the steam group so you can chat with us :smiley:


The last week has been very eventful, got several new awesome members as well as some cool new mods.

We are also now accepting administrator applications!
The application format can be found here: http://golden-gamers.com/showthread.php?tid=26915