[US] Hardcore Rust | 1/3rd Craft - Door Share | Modified Loot Tables

After running a server for four days and realizing how easy it is to craft C4, I have decided to take my server in a different direction. This direction promotes slower tech advancement and more calculated attacks.

Server Info:
net.connect (Press F1 in-game and type the line to connect)
100 Player maximum
Explosives cannot be crafted
Military weapons cannot be crafted
1/3rd Crafting
Oxide is installed. Type /cmd to see a list of commands.


Server Rules:
Do not spam chat
Do not hack
Speak English

Tweaked zombie loot.
Added airdrops. (still need work)

Admin Privileges:
The admins reserve the right to use admin privileges only for the good of the server. Admin privileges will be used to investigate hacking and server issues. Admin privileges will be used sparingly and never to our advantage.

Server Design:
I have written a completely custom loot table for this server. This loot table was written with a few goals in mind:

  • Make researching mean something.
  • Make C4 hard to get.
  • Make military weapons hard to get.
  • Make armor hard to get.
  • Increase reliance on crafting.

Research kits on normal servers are abundant and eventually become useless very quickly. I aim to change this. Research kits are rare and blueprints currently do not exist on the server. Much of the other loot is also rare. This means that in order to learn an important recipe such as Kevlar, you must attain two rare items in order to have the luxury of producing that item. I do have some concerns with this design, so it may be tweaked in the future. I am waiting to see if this will produce more player interactivity in the form of trading and such.

C4 will primarily be found on air drops. C4 can also be crafted, but explosives only drop rarely in crates and you must obtain an explosive charge and research it first to even do so. Explosives CANNOT be crafted.

We are beginning the server with the philosophy that military weapons cannot be crafted. This may change in the future. The idea behind this is to make people care more about dying and, in turn, make them more careful about who and how they engage another player. If you lose a military weapon, you cannot simply create another one. This will hopefully make players play more carefully.

Armor is much harder to get. With the low drop rate on Radiation Suits and Kevlar in tandem with the low drop rates on Research Kits, it makes learning to craft armor take some time.

Crafting is going to be more heavily relied upon. Because armor is harder to get, you will be forced to craft more of it rather than hoard pieces you have found on zombies. Ammo as loot is also heavily reduced, thus forcing you to have to craft most of your ammo.

Other tweaks have been made, such as lowering Pick Axe drop rate to make it the luxury item that it should be.

Because this is the first draft of the loot tables, I have set the numbers conservatively. If the numbers or loot locations seem off, expect them to be tweaked in the future. It is better to start with less and end up with more than to start with more and have it be irreversible. The more people that play, the faster I am able to see the impacts of the loot tables and tweak them accordingly.

If you are interested in a more unique and slower Rust experience, one in which C4 cannot be hoarded, and one that promotes a more thoughtful approach, come check us out! The server is freshly wiped and awaiting you to login.

Come join. It’s ripe for a new start. Tons of node spawns. Towns are completely ripe for picking. Come get started!

If you’d like to experience a fresh server with active admins, now’s your chance.

Hey, guys. This server was originally Heaven or Hell and was a basic server with some mods. I have completely redone the server with a completely custom loot table.

It’s a bit of an experiment, but the idea is to create a slower rust experience, not one filled with C4 hoarding. In return, I hope to see more strategic attacks on other players as well as more player interactivity because the need to make friends is higher.

I understand this server wont be for everyone, but I have played Rust for 182 hours and I have grown tired of the vanilla experience and don’t find it very challenging. If you are in the same boat, perhaps you’ll enjoy my server.

Hope to see you on!

When was the last wipe? My group of friends and I are interested in a server like this (we do already play on one though, but looking through our options).

Also a few more questions:

Can you learn to craft all items except explosives? Meaning you can craft the charges, but have to find the explosives?

What is the server name?

Sorry it took me so long to reply.

The last wipe was the 17th. There has been very few people playing. I don’t even think an airdrop has happened, which is the only way to get C4, so you shouldn’t be too afraid of people having a head start.

Military weapons are disabled from crafting as well (anything that isn’t handmade). This is more of an experiment. If it doesn’t seem to be working out, I’ll enable crafting of those weapons. The idea is that you can’t go killing willy nilly because you risk losing your weapon, which isn’t easy to reobtain. I want people to put more thought into fighting so they aren’t running around in the best gear 24/7 because it’s so easy to craft once you get past a certain point.

Right now, I have set drop rates very low. This is because I cannot reverse the effects of a drop rate that is too high without wiping the server, while I can bring up a drop rate that is too low with little lost.

I know joining a server with a low player count isn’t very appealing. If the idea of the server interest you, I urge you to join and stick with it for a day or two. Once people see some active players they’ll be more inclined to join and hopefully it will snowball from there. I hope I’m offering a unique enough experience from the typical Rust server to keep you coming back.

You can type net.connect in the command menu to connect.
The server name as it appears on the server list is:
Hardcore Rust | 1/3rd Craft - Door Share | Drop Only C4/Weapons

The server is down until HFB gets their crap together. I’m having to update and reconfigure mods but HFB’s site is being too unreliable right now.

Apologies for those that play.

EDIT: Server is now back up.

More members is always welcome.