[US] HardcorePvP [HalfCraft/Sleep/NoAbuse/RareC4]Wiped 1-25

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!! We are wiping the [US] HardcorePvP [HalfCraft/Sleep/NoAbuse/RareC4]Wiped 1-25


Server Location: San Jose, CA

Server has been wiped 1/25/2014 @ 1:15pm PST

Our Motive:
We are a fairly sizable group of FPS players who play here and want a friendly PVP environment. We appreciate high skilled CS/CoD/BF players who want a challenging server to shoot people in. Before this last wipe it seemed hard to find skilled FPS players, so now that we are wiping, we are hoping that will change.

We welcome clans and small groups alike who want to take part in some intense shoot outs.

What you need to know!:

-Hackers will be dispatched FAST! I have zero tolerance for hacking, and I’m very good at spotting the hackers even before they strike.
-ZERO Admin abuse occurs here. That means no teleporting for gain, or spawning items for anyone gain. I am VERY strict.
-Airdrops have been stripped of “Explosives” and had “Explosive Charges” put in their place. This is to prevent rampant usage of C4
-Airdrops will be set @ 25 starting out, with the possibility of being raised later.
-Oxide is installed with minimal plugins. Only Door Sharing, Oxmin, and the loot table mod for now.
-Crafting is now set at HALF


All the mods and tables seem pretty good im in

:bump: :rock:

Lets do this boys!!! and ladies of course :dance:

Join Up. 33 people on…Build…PvP

Love this server! thx guys!:dance:

6.022 X 10^23

no lag bunch of friendly people never dead oh yeah no lag!


Join Up. PvP.


Unofficial CSUF server.

Join Up. Loot Crates for guns…PVP

Server has no lag ever, never lag. Loving it. Plenty of room and resources to start fresh you don’t have a bunch of groups running out raiding everything in sight either. Great server. C4 cannot be crafted but has a better drop rate. This is amazing it really balances it out a lot. Come try it!

Awesomeness 24/7

The admin is pretty kool; very fair to the community. Just watch out for his henchmen, some kill on sight; so be careful…
…Although, lately some of them are being friendly and sometimes generous with their loot to new players.

Join Up. PvP


Rust CSUF Club, only need 4 more Titans!