[US] Harmony Grove - PVP|Groups|DoorShare|Economy|HalfCraft

Harmony Grove is the server you want to join if you’re more on the friendly side.

The majority of the players are friendly but of course there are the raiders that will try to kill you and raid your base, but if they do they will be known serverwide, as bandits.

So join now and become part of our community.

You can join Harmony Grove by hitting F1 in the game and typing in: net.connect

Server Features:

  • PVP
  • Sleepers
  • Door Sharing (/share)
  • Economy (Buy / Sell / Earn)
  • Crafting - Half Craft
  • Group chat / Private Chat
  • Active - Non Abusive Admin
  • Mumble Voice Available

How many people play the server? Anywhere from 15 to 50 people are always on the server.

Do you guys ban hackers/cheaters? As soon as we see someone hacking/cheating or abusing anything they will usually get banned if it’s obvious. If not we will look for proof and then ban them. We don’t want to ban innocent people.

Is it hard to obtain an Explosive Charge? You can get them from Airdrops and by Crafting them. You cannot get a blueprint of it or get an Explosive Charge from a Zombie Drop or Weapon Crate.

If someone griefs my base after raiding, is there any way to destroy the objects? We can destroy building materials that are not Pillars or Foundations upon a reasonable request.

How do we connect to your Mumble Server? Our Mumble Server IP is Mumble.GhostDivision.org and the Port is 2217. Mumble.GhostDivision.org:2217.