[US] HN Rust | NoCraft-C4 | Slow Decay | Airdrops | Sleepers

[US]HNRust – PvP – NoCraftC4 – Airdrops – Slow Decay



HN Rust server welcomes you! We are looking for more dedicated players to join us.
Small skirmishes have broken out in Rad Town and small villages are popping up in
the area. If you enjoy casual PvP battles, gathering resources in peace, and building
the base of your dreams HN Rust is for you.

Current Mods:

Server Features:
Global Chat, Direct Chat, & Private Messaging
Increased Weapon & Tool Durability
Rare Explosive Charges – No Craft
Reduced Craft Times
Hourly Airdrops
Slow Decay

Starter Kit:
Cool down – 24 Hours
Pipe Shotgun
Handmade Shell 20x
Cloth 20x
Can of Tuna 5x
Stone Hatchet

Server Rules:
No excessive killing of a single player unless threatened at your own base.
Do not build structures around players or bases to restrict player movement.



We made a few changes to game rules. We added the ability allowing all players to use /pos to find their current location. This should assist you in locating friends and player built structures. Players can also create factions with friends and use safe zones.

We had two lottery winners last night and will have two more tonight. The first winner revived 200 wood planks and the other blueprints for base construction.

Updated the thread and pushed a few updates to the server.

Crafting time is now reduced.
Item durability is increased.
I’ve added a basic starter kit with a GUN!