US Infantry squad in snow covered city.


no-smoke stuffs.

Looks a little over grown for a city, and I would not want to be firing a M60 from the standing position.
Besides that looks pretty good, little too film grainy and the muzzle flash looks like its coming from behind the barrel.

the contrast is really sloppy and the entire picture looks like a SHEF job gone wrong

honestly you want to prevent the super screened blur (the white bleeds off on to everything) and if you are going to have bright elements of a picture such as the whiteness, then you want to make the dark things bright as well. in this case the entire picture is super contrasted and the integrity is pretty much ruined entirely because on one side you have extremely white areas and extremely black areas with little in between. wouldn’t even look good as a black and white picture because everyhthing bleeds off.

also, you need to erase the noised snow on the bottom of the picture where it ends – it’s really overdone down there (happens naturally)


so rule of thumb: cold pictures and extremely hot looking pictures need lots of bright areas. even shadows need to have visible detail in them. otherwise it looks really off and not much to show is given

Same shit all over again. Stop using that glow effect, it is ugly.

When will you people start to listen?


5omeone’s advice is really good, follow it to the letter

dude what’s so terrible about firing an m60 from the standing position? so they’re big and heavy, boo fucking hoo. it’s not all that hard.

what glow effect?

and why you deleated me from your friendlist?

either excessive bloom ingame or diffuse glow in photoshop. if you’re not using either of those then i don’t know what’s doing it, but there is way the fuck too much bloom on the dudes.

The way the skin on the guys looks like, it looks like a duplicated, extremely blurred layer set to overlay.

I’m though kinda mostly weirded out by the completely unrelated hexagonal pattern in the top left. I can’t help but wonder - why?

The fuck, I didn’t. And look at it, EVERYTHING GLOWS.

calm down, your photoshop bitch isn’t that bad.

yeah mancalm down its just pixels on a screen we aint picassos and stuff?/

imean its screenshots sexion not mr art guy reincarnated bob ross aka ehancediai section

/sarcasmn because some people cant understand my sarcasm :saddowms:


oh yeah posing is generic ohwell buuuut the editing is coming along nicely, good to see you making progress!

I’m tired of you posting every 10 minutes.

I’m sorry but I am. It’s literally the same crap each time. And I also get the impression that you think your a god just by the way you talk and do your “:P” and “:)” emotes at the end of your OP’s. (This is purely my impression though.)