US infantrymen move out

whatever, I tried to edit but it made m eyes bleed with it’s shittyness
so I am just going to post the one with upped contrast and shitty shadow work that’s shitty.

it SEEMS as though filesmelt is being gay again so just wait it will appear.
The skins are being hexed right nao.

Nice skins.

yeah thats Nicccceeee

cool skins bro
(do want)

And all of you adoring fans will have SOON
the ACUPAT MARPAT and alternate ultranationalist are done
I think the only thing left is the black tiger SAS

Why is the US flag toned green? I mean, shouldn’t it like be red, white and blue?

not really

If you saw the red,white and blue and nothing else what would you shoot at?

Red white and blue, no one should give a soldier a ‘shoot me!’ sign to put on there chest.

Well, on most modern US military uniforms, it’s toned to look like the pattern. Would any marine hiding have a red, white, and blue flag, pointing them out??