US infentry squads are fighting with Zombies.


Well… More like 2.

Still, looks good :smiley:

Title is messed up. Should be US Infantry squads are fighting zombies. Also, probably could use some muzzle flash to show they are shooting at them.

Editing and posing are good but the scene is kind of confusing.

When I read the title for a moment I thought this was In the News.

Nice colors and all of that, posing is pretty good too. But not much fighting going on.

After I saw the title, I expected a gm_construct pose.

Good job there!

Why is there a Woodland camo soilder zombie and the live soilders are desert camo?

Any way nice pic.

A little too much depth of field.

I swear to god, is this camouflage month? Maybe the the soldiers that were stationed there before them were issued Woodland, which seems very plausible. And it’s not desert. It’s ACU.

Anyway, I would have loved to see some zombies hanging on the Chinook.

Can anyone tell me where I can get some ragdolls like this?

Damn good image but the focus makes my eyes readjust and gives me an instant headache. Also you have been awarded spelling star

Well they’re could mercenaries in woodland,or differ groups of military like lets say its from the army the others are marine or just the zombie is a polite

Also could be a differ country like britin
opps sorry about grammer

Yeah, there’s something really painful in the focus… Eyes are bleeding…