[US] ION's Playhouse\Oxide\Human Condition\PvP\iCraft (2/28)

We’re pleased to announce our Grand Opening!!! We are finally live!

We are looking for active, mature players (18+ yrs. old) to build up a community, PvP and have events. We have active admins who play as well, but don’t really PvP/raid. AND, we don’t have the monstrous, unraidable bases! So, we basically don’t need to abuse the privilege.

Our server includes the Human Condition mod which utilizes a customized crafting controller and loot table. The crafting controller restricts researching, crafting and obtaining blueprints of all military weapons (M4, MP5A4, Shotgun, P250, 9mm Pistol, 556 Ammo, Shotgun Shells and Explosives), Kevlar and Rad Suits. The loot table has been customized to make the M4, MP5A4, the Bolt Action Rifle, 556 Ammo, Shotgun Shells and Explosives, very rare to loot. The P250, 9mm Pistol and Shotgun are common while the Primitive weapons (i.e. Revolver, HandCannon, Pipe Shotgun and Handmade Shells) are more common. Explosives are NOT researchable NOR craftable and are ONLY obtained through crates and airdrop supply crates. Explosive Charge is ONLY craftable, after, obtaining and studying the blueprint, which is ONLY available through the airdrop supply crate.

In the words of the mod’s creator, DiDay:
"With the Human Condition mod, we want to create an immersive “Post-Apocalyptic” atmosphere where the majority of players actually use primitive stuff to survive.
When you find modern stuff, we want you to love it, to take care of it and to live in the constant fear of losing it. To reach that goal we have made drastic changes in the craft allowances and loot tables.

What we want to avoid is the classic scheme on most servers we have played on: a group of players, connected most of the time and within one or two days, control the server (or several groups control the server). They have unlootable castles and wander around with full Kevlar and M4 to kill other players. If you happen to kill one or two, they come back instantly, with again, full Kevlar and M4.

While we understand this can be fun, we want to get rid of the “after you killed them, they return as powerful as before”. With the Human Condition mod, you can have Kevlar and you can wander around with M4, kill and loot people. But, if you die, you will lose your stuff. Maybe you have 3-4 M4, and 2-3 Kevlar armor.
But you can’t craft them anymore.

With the Human Condition mod, attrition war against powerful players is possible."

Durability of items: 10%
Durability of armor: 20%
Length of day: 50 mins.
Length of night: 10 mins.
1/8 Craft
Sleeper On
Decay Off


Loot Spawn Lists
Crafting Controller
Human Condition
WelcomeKit - incl. Cloth (Helmet, Vest, Pants and Boots); Stone Hatchet; Hunting Bow; 20 Arrows; 10 Cooked Chicken Breast; Camp Fire; Sleeping Bag and 2 Small Medkits.
AirDropInBound - display the area of the airdrop, distance and direction from where YOU are. 10+ people required for airdrops.
FixYourName - kicks players with unrecognized symbols/alphabets.
Players List
Private Messaging
Location - provides your location including the direction you are facing.
Temporary Admins Force - gives admins temporary remove ability to individual structures or entire structure.
Death Handler - displays PvP death message incl. who killed whom, where death hit occurred and distance.
Chat History - displays previous 30 lines of chat (no PMs).
Teleportation Requests - Teleportation request to other players.
Ownership Remover - enable players to remover structures, including foundations, pillars and ceilings. Anti-floating structure plugin.
Decay Control
Voter - allows players to vote for the server and claim a reward every 24 hours.

If this appeals to you, then please join us! Please copy/paste into the F1 console:

Thank you, to all the authors (thomasfn, Hatemail, XoXFaby, Pure Luck, FeuerStrum91, billykater, rexas, greyhawk, Gliktch, Jwerd 2, Friendly Ape, B.O.B. and ZOR) of all the mods being used on this server!



I am liking this server set up… refreshes the game and makes it challenging! Fun!

**One arena built for community fun on the ION Playhouse server! paste into the F1 console:
** :dance:


As suggested by one of our new members,platforms for some Hunting bow fights


Looking for some new members to come join us in trying out this server set up !!!

come check out the server!


We’ve just installed 3 new plugins: Decay Control, TPA and Ownership Remover. Decay Control turns off decay and can be set to less extremes. TPA allows a player to request teleportation to another player. Ownership Remover allows the player to remove a structure they’ve put down inadvertently and place it back into their inventory.

We’ve just added the Voter plugin. Allows a player to vote on the server @ toprustservers.com and claim a reward for doing so.