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Hey join us at Ironside, this is a project being developed by an avid gamer and developer. With plans for many exciting plugins. No-Wipes(With exception of Facepunch Wipes). 100 Slot server, visit http://bit.ly/1bgxwW7 for connection details and future plans. Connect to

There are many rust servers, but this one is mine. I am dedicated to providing the best Rust experience for my population and never abusing them. I am dedicated in creating unique plugins that enhance the player’s experience.

Things are going well, we have made alterations to the loot drops, added in the Economy, Bounty, and Stats plugins. These will hopefully add some more aspects to the game.

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In addition to the above we have also added a Wiki on our site. You will be able to see the various plugins and plans for the server therer, http://bit.ly/1bgxwW7

Working hard on growing the server population, come and join us and see the fun we got going down.

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Great server, My new home! Me and my 3 friends… Everyone whos looking for a solid home with a friendly server and great admin / mods join up!! We need more people!

glad to work hard to build a cool server for everyone.