US | JaxGaming NEVERWIPE | Semi-Modded | Very Active Admins | No durability loss | Airdrops | Weekly Events

US | JaxGaming NEVERWIPE | Semi-Modded | Very Active Admins | No durability loss | Airdrops | Weekly Events | Sleepers | Noob Friendly | Half Craft

Aren’t you tired of all the server wipes out there?

Well we are as well!

That is why we decided to make a server with the intention to try to never wipe unless there is a major update in Rust that either calls for or forces a server wipe.

We have multiple very active admins that will never spawn things in for themselves. The purpose of the admins is to make sure everything runs smoothly and to get rid of the hackers.

We want everyone to enjoy the game and defend their base or raid other bases!

Server IP:

To join simply press F1 and copy and paste this in below -

Great things about our server:

  • Active Admins
  • Events will be run regularly (possibly a weekly or bi-weekly basis)
  • New server (so plenty of room to grow and improve the server)
  • Half crafting time
  • We agree to never wipe unless an update on Rust requires us to (or majorly suggests it due to a new feature such as material generation and such)

If you would like to contact the owner for any reason his name in game is Jaxterity. You can also email me at

We will also be getting a website going up soon. We look forward to building a fun community that enjoys working together and and defending/raiding bases on Rust all the while doing everything they can to survive!

We are the JaxGaming NEVERWIPE Server/Community!

Development is ongoing in a couple regions on the server. A couple of nice additions I like that this server has compared to others I have played on:

  1. Destroy command for modifying your base. Have a wall you just want to replace? Just destroy it now and save your C4, plus keep the wall.
  2. Starter packs and help commands active.
  3. Door sharing
  4. Arena - currently in testing but built by admins.
  5. Jail - Speaks for itself, but an admin tool to help sort out hackers/issues.

Active times seem to be around 12pm EST, more are welcome and plenty of people around to help get you started.

Also, I like the never wipe policy set thus far. I can see the admins eventually making it happen if updates force or add significant changes in the game, but they are flexible and listen to the server for feedback thus far on changes they have made.

Recent Updates:

Hunger Games Now Available

  • We have a large Hunger Games arena far in the wasteland that has an excellent layout. Two mountains opposite each other with a valley in the middle where the start point is. Multiple hidden storage boxes throughout with parkour to reach many of them. Admins will be moderating each event when this takes place.

Free For All Arena

  • Completed this arena and testing has shown some good results. Once the admin has brought you to the arena, you get a bed spawn room, then drop down to a gear room, then drop down to the arena. This allows for the ability to players to keep respawning and getting into the matches.

Starter Kit
This can be retrieved in game at any time by using /starter in chat.
This kit contains:
(1) Stone Hatchet
(1) Sleeping Bag
(1) Camp Fire
(1) Large Wood Storage Blueprint

Bonus Kit for New Players!
After discussion with our players, we have decided to add an additional Bonus Kit for all new players who join the Steam Group.

This kit can only be provided in game by one of the admins due to the current limitations of the game.

Admins are normally available online from 6pm CST to 10pm CST. Contact us via Steam, in game, or by commenting on the steam announcement.

This kit contains:
(1000) Wood
(200) Metal Fragments
(1) Workbench
(1) Metal Hatchet
(1) 9mm Pistol
(50) 9mm Ammo
Admins are: Jaxterity, MissTay, Brackish

Steam Group