[][] [US]JUST WIPED 3/9/14 [] Noob-Friendly // PVP // Sleepers // No Item Durability // Hack Detection // Doorshare // Half-Craft // No Mod-Abuse or Gameplay Interference!! [][]

**After extensively playing many servers on Rust, we have decided to release our very own Rust server. This server addresses many issues other servers currently have, such as hackers, abusive admins, low ping, durability (until the devs tweak it), and long crafting times. We hope you enjoy your time with us should you decide to join our blooming community =]

Server IP/Port:

To connect using this IP, press F1 in-game. This should bring up the console. Then type/paste: net.connect

Sleepers: ON
Item Durability: OFF
Cheatpunch: ON
Airdrop: at 20 Players online
Doorshare: ON
Crafting: 1/2 Speed, Everything is craftable
Server Location: Dallas, Texas
Server wipes: announced well in advance

Server IP/Port:**

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned" - postal))