[US] King County - PvP/Sleep | 100 slots + Website

**King County
I co-run a 100 slot unmodded community server that is online 24/7 and open to the public.
Server Name: **[US] King County - PvP/Sleep
Server IP:

King County is a survival server where all bets are off and survival rests solely in your hands. You may choose to make alliances or try to cut it on your own, but either way one thing is certain: there’s no way out. Radioactively mutated zombies have begun overrunning the towns, making it difficult to get supplies. None of the buildings out there are safe anymore, you’ll have to construct your own bases of operation and hope you chose a good spot, raiders are ruthless.

Laws of King County

**1. **The first rule of King County is… you do not talk about King County. The second rule of King County is… you DO NOT talk about King County. Seriously though, we don’t mind talking about the server but for personal reasons we would ask that you do not send us friend requests when the server is down. Any issues with the server will be resolved as soon as we know about them, if we do not know about them then we are not at our computers, yes, we are real people living real lives! Please no steam friend requests guys, we’d love to play with you in game but let’s leave it in game! :slight_smile:

2. Language… fuck yeah! but not really. We won’t get on your case about swearing here and there but anything vulgar said a derogatory (insulting anybody with a curse word, putting down a whole group of people like racial slurs) way. If you do violate this rule you will receive one warning. ONE. After that I will ban you and I will love it. This is a very sensitive rule subject so just be a decent human being please.

3. Favors? NO! If you ask either turbO or Officer Friendly for any free items you will be ignored or receive a very negative response. No exceptions. We will not spawn you anything in game and we will not teleport you anywhere unless it’s to a server event, though we’ve been known to ferry new players to one another if you’ve just joined the server and wish to play together.

Website: http://playrust.boards.net/

We also have a battle arena up and running that we have dubbed ‘The Prison’. We do Prison Runs often and love to have new players come and compete for prizes. It plays a lot like a halo map where you can run around and find better guns to use in combat. Very fun way to engage in PvP.