[US - LA] Loopy Limbo (PVP/SLEEPER)

Brand new server booted up a week, or two, ago! 150 player slots under a great and fast service provider! Add me on friends to join on my server! Or direct connect to the server ip by pressing F1 in the main menu and typing: net.connect

ACTIVE and FAIR ADMINS. Tired of admins who kick/ban players because they’re better than them or cheating admins who abuse spawning items? Admins here play FAIRLY and will judge accusations/situations REASONABLY before making a decision.

NEW PLAYERS encouraged to join!!! Friendly admins and some regulars will offer advice and assistance to newcomers.Will guide you through the game and teach you how to build!

We are STILL doing a PROMOTIONAL package for anyone who joins the server. You will receive: 4 Wood Foundations, 9 Wood Pillars, 7 Wood Walls, 1 Wood Doorway and 1 Metal Door along with 1 (Metal) Hatchet and 1 Sleeping Bag. And as of 1/20, you now additionally receive: 4 Wood Ceilings, Camp Fire, Furnace, 10 Raw Chicken. This promotion is subject to a duration that is reasonable relative to the amount of players we receive. Admins will also teleport players to their friends if needed.

REFERRAL Program: Help us grow and we’ll show you our appreciation! Bring a friend onto our server and we will give you 1 GUN (of your choice), 250 AMMO (for that gun), and 50 Low Quality Metal.


  • 150 Slots
  • PVP | ON
  • Sleepers | ON
  • Admin | Active and Fair
  • Air drops | ON (Minimum 12+ players on the server -increased as of 1/20 from population increase)
  • Player list
  • Chat history
  • Automated teleports (players need to send/accept TP request - only 5 charges per RL day)
  • Uncraftable C4 (Evens the playing field for smaller groups against large groups. C4 spawns have been increased in airdrops as a balance)


  • Don’t be too much of a dick, cheating or exploiting.

Several people have joined and love their starting house kits! We’ve got a nice cozy community going here now! Join us now! Bandits and PVPers are welcome to liven things up here as well! :smiley:

My name is DeathDoom and I approve this server.

We are still looking for people to join our server!

Only been opened for about two days and we’ve gone from a couple of players to 16-17 at peak times. Come join one of the fastest growing servers. PVP fights breaking out all over amongst groups of players already!!

We have peaked at over 20 players and have consistently 20+ on throughout the day. We have groups of friendlies, bandits, and neutral players. People from US, UK, and Asia are all on here so there are people on at ALL times!

We have even started an ARENA and built a colosseum surrounding the arena for spectators to watch. Matches are held daily and prizes are given out to 1st place, runner-ups and consolation prizes for everyone else who’ve participated!

Join one of the fastest growing community servers in Rust!

FIRST ARENA BATTLE ROYAL was held two days ago!!!

2v2 bracket tournament. 4 teams went in and only one emerged victorious! Stelio and Tailstop!! Congrats guys!

Video of the tourney: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i3wMSwbKgY

We’ve held two more since then and will upload the videos soon! 28 players on right now! About to reach 30 player milestone!!!

We have hit an indirect milestone of having 20+ players in the server throughout the night until early morning (Pacific Standard Time).

We have also held another Arena event with team objectives:

We have hit our 30 player milestone yesterday evening!

Still giving out starter kits and free teleports. Join our fast ever-growing server for some good ol’fashion Rust fun!

Admins are active, friendly, and do not abuse powers. We recently held an event known as “Hunt the Admins.” Frequent events along with arena matches are constantly being organized.

Peaked over 30+ players! Help us get to 40 players!

We have reach 40+ players in a span of about a week, or two, since opening officially!!!

STILL giving out starter kits and teleports during this promotion!!! You get EVERYTHING needed to build a small house for yourself and furnish it with neccessary items inside.

There server was recently wiped and we have added Oxide features into our server (player list, chat history, and automated teleports - 5 charges per RL day). Additionally we have removed C4 crafting, so this gives smaller groups of players a fighting chance against large groups. C4 drops have been turned up in airdrops to balance this.

Help us get to 50+ players!!! Join the Loopy Limbo community!