US LA OXIDE SERVER - UFOF - TS/Loot Survivor/Donator Kits and Packages [Safezones]


New LA Rust Server just opened up with a number of awesome add-ons:

Bounty Hunting
And Many More

The Admins will get on the server when the population is high and spawn in with loads of awesome loot [M4s, Ammo, Building supplies] and run around the map giving hints to their location over chat and the players hunt him down

UFOF is allowing Clans to form a faction on the server. Factions will get their own TS channel and a safe-zone to store their loot. Factions have a choice between 3 preset base locations. Once 2 Factions have registered, Weekly events will start. Once in a while, an admin will announce a safe-zone has dropped for a faction, the opposing factions will be able to attack that base while the defenders must fight them off. The Safe-zones only drop for about 20-30 minutes.

There are also donator kits and packages available:

Building Tier 1: 250 Wood, 3 wood walls, 1 Wood Doorway, 1 wood Door, 1 Wood Ceiling,1 Foundation - $2
Building Tier 2: 500 Wood, 10 wood walls 3 Wood Doorways, 3 Wood Doors 4 wood ceilings, 3 Foundations : $4
Building Tier 3: 1000 Wood, 20 Wood walls 5, Wood Doorways, 6 Wood Doors, 10 Wood Ceilings, 7 Foundations: $8

Military Tier 1: Pistol, 15 Pistol Ammo, Military Vest - $2
Military Tier 2: Shotgun, 30 Shotgun Shells, Military Vest, Military Pants - $4
Military Tier 3: M4, 100 M4 Rounds, Military Vest, Military Pants, Military Helmet - $8

Server IP:

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Smaller Safe-Zones will also be available for non-faction members - $10 base then $5 per extension

Add Me on Steam to ask me a question or if you want to buy a donator package - Morphieus191