[US] LA (PvP|Sleepers|Door Share|Econ|.5 Craft) Wiped 1/20

[US] LA (PvP|Sleepers|Door Share|Econ|.5 Craft) Wiped 1/20

Hey everybody! Any and all come join our server! If you are tired of being cheated of all of your hard work by hackers, cheaters, exploits, or even admin abuse, feel free to play with us here as we have felt your pain. We made a server dedicated to making everyone’s experience, a hacker free experience.
-Active admins (Kruger/Bitdestroyer)
-No toleration for any exploitations whether it be duping or speed hacking, aimbotting, etc.
-Streamer’s welcome as well as new players!
-Fresh Server!

Come play with us!

Play with us!


Good server with honest people. It needs to be populated by legit players, join up!

Good to see all the new faces! Keep em’ coming!

Great server, active admins. Never had any problems with hackers here. Good competition and friendly people.

Bump. Come guys <3

Been up for a day so far, enjoy’d seeing the people that decided to stay with us, would like to see some more, try us for a few hours. We are very strict about hackers and exploiters. You won’t be disappointed ^.^

Great server with active admins. Nice place to get a fresh start… it’s not too busy yet to get a good base set up without much trouble.


Enjoying all the new faces as well as the veteran :wink:

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the economy mod yet come play with us, it’s pretty sweet!!