[US LA WEST] NEW 2/3 | Active Admins | Noob Friendly, Sleep/PvP

I am a programmer who enjoys playing this games with several friends. We have hosted Minecraft Servers up to 40 people and now we moved on to this amazing game. I made this server because I am tired of HACKERS!

I will work to make this server a great vanilla like server with maybe 1 addon to give a feature this game is missing since its in Alpha.

I monitor the server through RCON at work, and help with questions and will ban any hackers to provide a great server play environment. We have 2 other admins so far, with strict rules of no admin abuse just like we did in Minecraft. It is not our first game server and we know how to make it fun.

We are recruiting a late night admin 10pm-6am So we have no blackout hours.



Server Player Stats for today

EDIT: UPDATE !!! Its back up!


We reached 80 players within 2 days because of active admins and a good server.

Unfortunately HFBservers.com got DDosed and had our servers down for 13 hours and took 8 hours for a customer service reply.

Server is back up and we are back to almost full capacity, we have banned even more hackers :slight_smile:

Great Reviews

Top populated Community server

Our doors are still open to new players :slight_smile:
-VERY Active admins
-Item Restoration (ONLY if a hacker was banned and you were affected)
-Noob Friendly (but its still a pvp server)
-Vanilla Server
-US WEST Low Lag Server

We just Installed -CheatPunch and have successfully cleaned out any of the hackers left!

New players are still welcome:

This week player base:

Looking for good wholesome players who don’t cheat to have fun.

CHEATPUNCH Activated!!!
We are proud to have VERY ACTIVE ADMINS!
Vanilla Server
Noob Friendly ( does not mean you won’t be killed, but we will help you if you have questions or need help)
Great Players
Global Events

Top 7th Community server http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

Great Reviews http://i.imgur.com/UjasUx9.png

Past Week player base http://i.imgur.com/5wVwo5L.png

We are recruiting a late night admin 10pm-6am So we have no blackout hours.


Hello just another bump here :slight_smile:
Our stats and community speaks for its self.