[US] Live & Let Die. PvP/Sleeper - New Server - No Admin Abuse - No Griefing.

Server Name: [US] Live & Let Die. PvP/Sleeper
Website: www.liveandletdie.info
Connection IP:
Server Player Slots: 150
Location: USA
Description: Noob-Friendly this is however NOT a care-bear server - vanilla game settings will be maintained. (Wiped 12/31/2013).

How to connect to the server:
Find [US] Live & Let Die. PvP\Sleeper in the Community server tab. Alternatively, you can open the console (press F1) and type net.connect

Current Server Events:
Survival Outpost Event - There are currently 3-5 wood shelters hidden through out the map filled with resources, survival gear and rumors of a high powered Bolt Action Rifle. These survival outposts are moved and refilled at random. The cabins are very distinct and should be easy to recognize upon discovery (This helps avoid breaking into every Wood Shelter you find).

Admin Details:
We currently have 3 very active Admins moderating and mentoring the Live & Let Die Server. If you have any questions while in game feel free to ask.
We have a 0 tolerance policy on admin abuse, this includes the fabricating of items/resources. We have put this in place to ensure a fair play environment for EVERYONE. Please keep this in mind when requesting supplies as the admins must forage and find ways to survive along side everyone else.

Contact Methods:

Ventrilo Info:
Host Name: tx3.leetvent.com
Port: 4132

Please feel free to visit our webpage www.liveandletdie.info to ask questions or make suggestions and to stay updated on current server news and events.

Server Updates:
The server will only be brought down for Steam updates and will only be wiped when game changing updates require a server wipe. In the event that a server wipe is required, we will post an alert on the server website as soon as possible.


I have a small group of friends who will be looking into your server. We recently were victims of some admin abuse, possibly cheating, I don’t know and I cannot tell the difference. All I know is he literally appeared right next to the both of us and I caught it on my stream, so it is hard for this guy to refute the evidence.

I just don’t have any tolerance for that shit so this server will be a welcome change.

This is one of the very reasons we started this server. Fair play is our number 1 priority. Good to have you and have fun!

Awesome server

Good to know we are headed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Hey Random, what is a good means to talk to you outside these boards?

The best way would be the website or ventrilo which should both be coming up shortly.

The website and the ventrilo server are both officially up!


Survival Shelters (Bolt Action Rifle “spawn”) have been placed…start searching!