[US] Low ping 24/7 noobfriendly instacraft server needs a community

hey facepunch! i just started my 50 slot instacraft server and we are looking for more players.
we are trying to build up a small community that is active and noobfriendly. this means that new players shouldnt be killed on sight and should be helped.

we encourage the play with friends, for that if you reffer a friend and you play with him for atleast 2 hours you will get some free goodies.
also if you add a friend to the game we give 1 free teleport so you start with you buddy

this server has 99.99% uptime and will only be down for restarts for a update for ex or to reducelag

we hope to get more players to make it more enjoyable.

to connect to your server Press F1 and copy/paste this in the console bar: net.connect

after connecting one time you can find us back by going into your server history, this server will never change name again so you will always be able to find it back.

hope to see you guys soon ingame :slight_smile: best regards max de vos server admin

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("extended, ban evading" - postal))

That admin spawn stuff.

Use the subforum .

we gave the first 10 players some planks to get started, nothing much for the rest they had nothing so dont whine its noob friendly we try to help new people on there way.

just had some downtime its back up now

so you help other players but discriminate any new ones by not giving them the same benefits. badmin

If postal doesnt ban this ill be pissed, THIS IS NOT where u promote your server and many good forum users were punished for doing this. enjoy your vacation.