"[US]Lust4Rust++ AirDrops,DoorShare/PvP/Sleep/.5Craft/NoCraft Explosive"

Server IP:

Active Admin

  • tinman886

Server specifics:

  • .5 crafting time
  • Explosive Charges are not craftable!
  • Sleepers enabled
  • PvP enabled
  • Door Share is enabled
  • Active Admin - looking for More!!!
  • Zero admin abuse
  • Rust++ enabled
  • 100 Slots
  • ZERO Server lag!
  • Military Grade Weapons & Ammo Rare Drop (M4, MP5, .556 Ammo Etc…)
  • Air Drops 10+ People every hour


  • Zero hacking tolerance
  • No teleporting/asking admins for teleporting
  • No asking admins to spawn you items
  • Trash Talk fine. But there IS a line. Hate speech against group, creed, color, or religion will not be tolerated in any way.

I love the game, and hope to keep everyone happy on the server. I only have 100 slots because I believe if their is more than 100 people on a server it begins to attract hackers more and starts to cause problems with the game, due to the alpha state of the game. I will not rule out Whitelisting the server once we get a nice group a fun people. I have been alone on this server for about 2 weeks, tweaking the best I can. I am open to all opinions on how to make this server the best for all those playing. Considering setting up Voice Chat to enhance overall experience if enough interest.

Come join using "net.connect " in the “F1” console.

Thanks for your time…