US Marine Halo Jumping

Masterfgh editied this

Also, inspiration.


not gonna go over very well without a chute…

Couldn’t find a good chute model.

I was thinking the same exact thing combine.

He has one of them new suits with built in parachutes

The alternate thread title is “Epic suicide”

Speaks the truth:

Reminds me of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.


Lol Epic Suicide.
But its epic as hell.
Good work

Awesome editing but yeah… No chute.

Would look better if you edited a backpack or something that looks like a chute on him.

I know, but I couldn’t find a good parachute picture and especially non that looked decent and as I said in THIS THREAD, I did edit this screenshot yesterday, but we had a freaking power failure and Photoshop, that bastard
application, raped the projectfile. So leave me alone, this bloody picture took a total of like 4 hours to do and doing something twice isn’t really fun.

I hope the manager of our powercompany dies in a fight with a grizzly bear.

More like LANO.



See what I did there?


As a side note:
oh look rimlighting from nowhere.

hey theres a thing called the sun

Oh really? What does it do? Sorry I live inside and only go on the computer 24/7.

Wait I remember now… the sun. Yeah good try explaining the rim-lighting but the sun doesn’t rim-light materials like this, this sharply and at the angle portrayed in the picture.

It’s art you fucking cunt, don’t question it. :slight_smile:

He knows I’m just joking. he’s my homeboy.

Oh you.

It looks a bit like a draw, very good

MasterFGH didn’t get my witty joke so I’ll post a wee explanation here:

“More like LANO”.

HALO stands for High-Altitude, Low-Opening [jump].
With a little thought, you can guess that LANO might stand for “Low-Altitude, No-Opening”, referring to the low altitude of the aircraft and the lack of parachute.

Wow I made the joke sound boring.

It looks a bit like he’s been pushed.