US Marine NBC Squad moving through a nuclear blown town

ya also i forgot some fingerposing on the last guy with shotgun

This nuke must be pretty pacifistic not to blow up anything

Exactly what i was thinking, and they dont look like they are wearing very protective gear.

Really like the light on this. Decent posing to.

they are running too close to eachother

So they go through a “nuke blown town” without any type of protective gear or radiation sensor? You do realize that places hit by nukes can have radiation left behind for hundreds of years, right? Plus the nuke didn’t even do ANY damage. Not exactly incredibly great either, as it’s basically generic soldier models holding guns walking.

The nuke couldn’t even blow a light on a car. I think you mistook a ‘nuke’ with a ‘party popper’.

Heh,I know it’s a nitpicking but even if nuke won’t crush the car, it’s EMP will shut down all the lights for sure

Exactly, and once again I add the fact that the soldiers lack obviously needed protection that the military knows is needed for the well being of it’s soldiers.

contrary to popular belief, not every nuke will cause an EMP blowout

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also they’re about the most underequipped NBC unit I’ve ever seen

Looks like someone needs to post ‘post-apocalyptic’ CSS skins fast

I never even knew that nuclear weapons caused EMP…

And yes, they seem VERY underequipped. Once again, why do they lack hazmat suits if they know they’re going into a nuked area?

the only nuclear weapons that will cause an outright EMP blowout are those fitted with EMP systems, and that basically defeats the point of the nuke

might as well send an EMP missile

Exactly, the EMP is made so it doesn’t harm anything but machines but nukes are made to destroy everything so why use both?

/me scratches head
I was under the impression that if you detonated a large enough nuclear bomb in upper atmosphere you were almost guaranteed to get an EMP blast

Wonder where that idea came from…

Perhaps the OP meant a ‘Neutron bomb’ which kills living beings but leaves buildings completely untouched?

I can guarantee you that it came before MW2.

Really? So can you make an example?
There are nuclear and fusion bombs, and the last one uses nuke as a catalyst of the reaction. So both cause EMP blowout.

Fusion bombs ARE nuclear bombs

Atomic Bombs are fission based and Hydrogen(or Thermonuclear) bombs are fusion based, though a Hydrogen bomb is essentially a fission bomb designed to cause fusion fuel to reach thermonuclear temperatures, causing fission in substances such as uranium. Additionally, there are boosted fission bombs, salted bombs, etc.

All nukes will inevitably release electromagnetic radiation(they have to), but they won’t cause a complete EMP blowout if the EM radiation is not substantial enough. Even then, the amount of power in the blast, and altitude of the blast, will also change how the EM radiation is placed.

Sure, they’ll create an EMP, but the power and spread of said pulse will not necessarily cause a full EMP blowout.