US marines in a deserted Boston.

A pose by me gimp crashed so no edit, feel free to edit it. C&C please

hhhmmm needs more bricks from houses laying down on the street

Good posing nothing wrong I can see.

Should have posed Army and made them the National Guard. Marines wouldn’t be deployed on U.S. soil. But I still like it.

In a time of war on US soil they could.

it looks wasn’t deserted.

nice and what map is that?

but no buildings are blown up

de_boston, a good map.

Bloom is a little heavy and it has too much colour it in.

… damn :slight_smile:

When I was editing I made some burning houses and then it crashed.

Posing is iffy and the houses should look more deserted (Broken windows, debris, etc.).

Your posing is good but I agree with the people saying that there should’ve been fallen bricks, broken windows, etc. It needs moodinness imo.

The C&Cs before me were pretty polite to your work but i think it’s time to make a C&C, that is harsh but in a fair way. It’s only for your own good to prosper in your work with g-mod :keke::

First of all - Choice of Post-Music:
That was not just poor but clearly a “stupid-gamer” chlichè.
As soon as it get’s to “gamers” and “military”, CoD 4 is the only thing, that runs through the mind.
Besides the the gamer-chlichè, the accustic choice itself is bad too, not fitting to a non-battle mood because it’s fast and impulsive. If you want to take a militaristic soundtrack from a well-kown game, try World in Conflict for example. These two fit way better to your picture:


General Idea:
Generic but I’ll guess creativity generally is rare here on Facepunch.
It’s not easy to think outside the box, even i know this.

Mainwork / Posing:
The two Marines, nearest to the tank look good enough. Nothing special but their posing is still believable.
On the other hand though, the one on the right side looks off. His foot is lifted too much for a slow walk and leg distance is too short for running. Also he has no believable grip on the SAW with his left hand.
The Tank-gunner has his hands too much stiff on the M2 and it looks like he’s about to pull the trigger.
Last but not least, your Tank-commander: I think, i know what your intensions were with his pose but it’s an unbelievable gesture. He points not everytime, where to go and he only does it, when the tank needs to start rolling. But it looks like, he’s rolling for some time now. Besides the posing idea, the general work on it is viewable, lacks only some minor touches for more details.

Some people stated it before, it misses shattered buildungs, destroyed cars and many more.
I don’t know, what your true intentions were for this scene: wartorn-city, maybe a marshial-law-patrol ?
Whatever it was, it’s not really coming out of the picture.

GIMP crashed ? That is a lame excuse. Don’t rush it out, if you want some better effects and don’t have the opportunity for it right now. It’s fine to say, you don’t like post-effects or hardcore-shoops. Even i don’t like it. Just don’t put the blame on a program. Besides, it doesn’t require anything like that, it looks fine in terms of effects. Just the camera angle is dull and boring.

reference to realism, authenticity
Some people have also posted it here before:
National Guardsmen are more realistic, depending on the situation because, even though marines are specialised in fast-deployment, Guardsmen are even quicker in their home country. But i prefer the United States Marine Corps over any other militaristic branch in the world, so this gives you a plus point.
Also, the tank model is an M1A1, the Marine Corps model so that counts as a plus too. (Although it’s propably coincidence from you side, since you just picked an M1 without looking for it’s branch variation.)
A small minus for the choice of weapons: Marines mainly use the M16A4 and not the M4A1.

It’s an amateurish work and you still need a bit more training.
Keep an eye out for even small details, you have to build an eye for this. Take your time, rebuild something if your not satisied. I usually work an hour or two on just one ragdoll.
Think about this every time:

“What do i intend to show with my picture and how can i accomplish it.”

I hope you will keep this in mind and grow on it.

The Tank-gunner has his hands too much stiff on the M2 and it looks like he’s about to pull the trigger.

The tank gunner comes with the model, so it is impossible to get rid of him, unless you edited the model.

I know not my best, and i wasn’t lying i have gimp 2.7 it is very unstable (2.6 is not available anymore).

I haven’t called you a liar. I do believe your crash but still is no excuse for a rushed posting.
If you want post-effects, try reinstalling the program, try another one or ask a friend to make it for you if you have one with such knowledge.

i still have gimp 2.6, try search some freeware sites.

wait is 2.7 out?

I have no idea what GIMP I have.


Nice post.