US marines moving through desert during Operation Desert Storm

It’s good, and the walking pose looks a bit odd on some of them but they appear to be walking correctly.

It’s not good. It’s a bunch of averagely-posed models doing nothing interesting against a completely featureless background. A blank screen would be about as interesting, and take less time to load.

Need shadows on the ground.

US Marines in modern gear carrying glocks as sidearms


Where did you find the skins?

Adding some shadows would help add some depth to the picture, some Marines seem like they’re floating (might be from the lack of shadows), and editing in sand blowing around in the background would add a really nice touch.

It must be okay if rossmum never said anything about it

He might have been too distracted by the other stuff.

Should have added a couple of humvees in the background or something, maybe setting the angle looking kinda like below the soldiers so it doesnt show the flat ground and the empty background.

Apart from that its fine.

None of that gear existed during the 1990s…

This raises the question of why these soldiers are walking in nonexistant (at the time) gear in the middle of the desert for no apparent reason. I don’t know TOO much about about Desert Storm but I’m pretty sure the Infantry didn’t walk the ENTIRE way.

I don’t remember marines with that type of gear in the gulf war.

were did you get those skins?

The rest of the picture was such a fuckfight that was the least of my concerns.

That said,


I think the models look pretty good, just that they’re VERY inaccurate.

They all look like they have to use the bathroom.

I agree he could have done better with if he added shadows and a little bit of stuff going on in the backround. Plus he should have had his facts straight before publishing this. Also i noticed that the farthest soldier dosent seem to be holding the gun properly meaning he did very poor.

lol us marines in IOTVs w/ army MICH 2000s and MOLLE in 91

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also m16a4s, m4s, and 20 round mags

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man when will someone port those WIC models for some REAL 80s/90s us army and russians
also natos

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they all look like college students who’ve never been near a gun

Reminds me of the movie Jarhead when they walked through the desert in that small group.