US Marines moving with a tank and VTOL

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Posing by Bliblix. Click and view image to view full-size.


Please take a moment to compare the original to the edited version:

C&C please on the editing. Posing C&C to Bliblix.

PS. We are both aware of JPEG artifacts in the background. Bliblixe assures me he had screenshot quality set to 100 and I believe him. I have done my best to cover up the majority of the artifacts (if you think it’s bad now, wow you should have seen it before I got to work covering them up).

I died.

I lived

I beheld the awesomeness of this picture.

This edit makes mah posing over 9000 more badass.

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Lucky you with a working GMod :saddowns:

Love it. Have a palette.

I don’t really like much of the phong on the Crysis models, but whatever. Posing’s not bad.

If you look at the original, the only place where the phong actually stands out is the headsets. I can’t really see it anywhere else. I think what you are commenting on is my editing.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

No, it’s the head sets I was fixated on. I just found it a tad distracting.

but none-the-less the posing took my eyes off it.

~_~ the guy in the back… He’s holding both a shotgun and a rifle?

That’s a master key attachment.

Indeed. Using a freaking assault rifle is cool, but when you get to freakin’ man to man fight, close combat, you could just fight with your freakin’ bare hands… or take your fucking shotgun AND BLOW THE ENNEMY’S HEAD OFF!


I resurrected.

It’s a Shoifle! :smiley:


Good looking Chesty, what method did you use for light+shadow? :smiley:

Marines + Tank the Crysis badass ver + VTOL = Head implode of awesomeness.
I cryed. (See what I did thar :v:)

Wow. I stand in awe. It’s perfect. Awesome posing in deed.

Nice! Did Chlo407 release the marines?

Yeah he did, there are somewhere in page 4 of the Crysis thread…