US Marines retreating over a highway as a Cobra goes down [scenebuild]

“Leave no man behind”

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I’m not entirely happy with this picture, mainly because of the shitty CoD4 normal-maps, but I am at least happy with the scene-build.

C&C please,

I do like the lighting you did there.

It’s a bit dark, but I like it.

What, you edited the Cobra in? Damn nice!

Very nice. I like it.

Well I did and I didn’t edit in the Cobra - it is just the CoD4 model. I took two pictures for the original; one with and one without the cobra (to make it easier to apply motion blur later). I have lost the original with the cobra in it, so I just had to post the one without.

… did any of that make sense?

This seems awfully familiar…

It an old pose?

Nay, sir; 'tis not.

I guess so :what:

awsum than :d

the place look like space.
insurgency map, right?


Hm, looks like we both dipped a bit below our usual standards, Chesty. The concept was good, but the execution is actually kinda poor compared to what your stuff normally looks like.

The lighting’s alright, and the normal maps don’t look too terrible, but a lot of your editing came out pretty bad. The blood on the ground is kind of bright and doesn’t seem to match the perspective of the ground, and the fire from the helicopter is far too dark, and doesn’t register as fire until you read the title again. My biggest problem with the editing, though, would have to be the sky. It’s very unnatural and flat looking, and the stars are too big and distracting. It doesn’t look right if you make the sky completely pitch black, it needs some kind of ambient light, be it the moon, or light pollution from a city or a large fire, just not pitch black.
My last issue with the pic: how the hell is that guy holding his gun? Is he dropping it, or did you just forget to fingerpose? :raise:

what? blackgrass?


He’s dropping it because of the round entering his shoulder.

Like gm_flatgrass… but black.

Ah, totally didn’t see that.

Did his friend shoot him? Cuz it sure looks that way…

That’s the entry wound. You can see the exit wound if you look carefully. I deliberately didn’t give the automatic rifleman a muzzleflash to avoid comments like that.

Oh well.

Like Vman stated, the star’s look off. Its distracting when comparing the upper-half and lower half.

Funny, i heard that song in my head for the thread music before i played it, i just knew you would pick that :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job, i like.

Nice work Chesteh, just a tad dark for my tastes, but that’s just picky ol’ me.

I like the cod4 normal maps :downs:
no seriously I do.
nice picture you gonna make that UN peace keeper pose or did I not give those to you :downs: