US Mechanised infantry fighting alongside a bipedal tank

A picture to show off a skin I’ve been working on (the infantry, not the mech):


Please take a moment to compare the original picture to the edited version:

Here is the thread for the reskin:

C&C please and thanks,

Though it may be a simple reskin, it actually makes them look quite all the better.
Pictures nice too.

Amazing dont like the background tough it should be more destroyed.

Seems like a rocket is being fired at the walker, but missed.

The shotgun looks so primitive in this picture

Awesome stuff.

Oh well. It is a Neo Tokyo weapon, and does look more futuristic than the M1014 on which it is based.

Thanks for the comments guys.

hella legit.

Did you just desaturate the camo?

in the picture it looks somewhat like that but i think he also put a really light ACU overlay

Upper part of the screen is to big. Just cut the upper part of the pic, it’ll look better imo. Lower part looks great.

Desaturated camo
Light ACU overlay
Improved metal and plastic textures

Thanks for the comments fellas.

You really got yourself into this skinning business did ya? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking hawt :wink:

As for the edit, it’s really solid but it looks kinda strange with the same muzzle :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, mate.
Yeah I noticed the muzzleflash afterwards… kinda annoying.

Any more comments? Feels a bit soon for this to be dead already.

Maybe I should try placing an NPC in a dark room for more comments…

Looks good, I don’t very much like the smoke however.

The muzzleflashes are way too small for my taste. Especially from huge miniguns like that, and the rocket trail would look better if you used the burn tool to add some shadows to the bottom.

Some widescreen bars could have also helped to make it a little more complete.

And like I said, you need to experiment with messing around with the color balance and stuff, you can get some really nice lighting.

Otherwise, the posing looks great and I like the camera angle. Keep up the good work!