[US] MigPurge - Purge 15mins | Starter | Door Share

Server Introduction
This server is aimed at any Rust Player, new or old. We love to have fun on this server and have dedicated time and effort to mod using Oxide API. We will investigate and terminate any hacking actions if sufficient evidence is obtained. I believe you will enjoy our events and mods!

Admin Introduction
I am the owner on this server. (Mig)

We have an admin responsible for LUA coding, digital media creation & alteration, admin menu coding, advertising, and administrating. I have an extensive record of administrating, coding, and digital media production. (Proxywars)

And we have another admin who is our head moderator for the server. (rg euphoria)

Depending on how populated the server becomes, we will add more.

256 max Slots.
The server is sleeper and PvP. However, beginners to Rust are helped substantially to survive ALONE.
The server is Lag Free, and is monitored regularly.

Oxide Mods
Daytime lasts for 45 minutes, but every night, the Purge happens. Risk your life to defend your belongings or to attack other peoples shelters.

Starter Pack

  • Stone Hatchet
    - Wood Shelter

    Door Share
    - Allows players to use the commands; /share (player) & /unshare (player) to allow other players access to all of their doors! No more complicated bases!

Reality Plus

  • Impossible to craft weapons such as M4, Shotgun, Pistol(Until the revolver update) now do not have blueprints, go find a supply drop or a platinum crate.
  • Explosives are now learned from the beginning(Not implemented yet). Explosive Charges are now harder to craft (Not implemented yet)
  • Zombies drop nothing (Yep get ready for the No-Zombie Update from Facepunch)
  • Crates now have loot according to the story! Get on the server and find out!

- No unsearchable characters are allowed in names!


  • Lists all players online with /list.

Private Messaging

  • Allows Private Messaging


  • Allows regular players to teleport using /tpa and /tpaccept


  • Type /Ghelp for more information

Any person who joins our steam group via http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MIGRust, will receive a Supply Signal(Make sure to post on the New Player discussion!). Any beginners will be given a 10 minute walkthrough the game.

You can connect to the server by pressing f1 in game and copy and paste

net.connect ustx100.playrust.eu:28030

into the console and pressing enter.

We are running oxide, and with oxide updates come some map resets.
Trying to set the purg up automatically, with the new 1.9 for oxide and the recent release we have had some issues pop up with it.

We hope to see you soon!