[US Murder Capital]

Cheater’s Are NOT TOLERATED ! They will be dealt with in the proper manner.

Server name: [US Murder Capital]|PvP|Drops@20|1/4Dura|1/2Craft|TP|Kits|DS|Slp|Wiped3/7
IP: usmc.clanservers.com:28016

How to get server?
Press F1 to get console and write to console:
net.connect usmc.clanservers.com:28016

Our server:
[US Murder Capital]|PvP|Drops@20|1/4Dura|1/2Craft|TP|Kits|DS|Slp|Wiped3/7
We also have custom loot tables.
We hold daily events / raffles.
We have DoorShare and Sleepers enabled.
We also have Base Alarm, if someone is hitting/building on your base you will be notified .
Instead of asking a admin to TP to your friend you can type /tpre to your friend and TP to him. You only get 10,
so use them wisely.
This is a high-end server so lag is very rare. We can hold many more players. We have it set at 80 until the server community
grows. we hope to get this community up to 300players or so.
Come enjoy a great lag free server with 0 toleration for cheaters. Active admins are either on or watching everything
from a outside control panel. We are very fair and wish to give the users a great server to play on.
We will also have Arena on the server. So on due request from most of the players we will enable that from time to time.

There is 1/4 Durability and 1/2 Crafting time.
Day’s are slightly longer as well… 2 hours for days and 30 minutes for nights.
Decay is set on one week. After one week of no play your base will start to decay.
The server was just wiped on 3/7 so theres plenty of time to come build and control your area.

Some Commands Are :

/help (shows all commands that you may do)
/where (your location , what direction your facing and what town your in)
/history (chat history)
/who (who’s on the server)
/kit starter or kit basic (kit starter will give you chicken and a stone hatchet, while kit basic will give you everything you need to have your shelter)
/share (share you doors)
/unshare (unshare your doors)
/pm “name” “message” (send someone a private message)
/remove (remove your building objects)
/ticket (send a ticket to admins)
/fps (Helps your gain FPS)
/fpsoff (undo the changes)
/grass (toggles grass on and off)
/tpre (send a request to the player you want to TP to)
/tpacc (Accepts the TP request)

Server name: [US Murder Capital]|PvP|Drops@20|1/4Dura|1/2Craft|TP|Kits|DS|Slp|Wiped3/7
IP: usmc.clanservers.com:28016
We have Teamspeak 3 server for players who play in our server:
Free to use anytime.

Really nice server,
Great admin and very helpfull.
Every players wants to help you if you need help
Give this server a try :).

Thank you :slight_smile:

Arena is almost finished … stop by hacker valley to check it out :slight_smile: