[US] Nausiation Gaming [pvp/sleeper] dedicated admins/ pure vanilla gameplay/ mumble server

Hey guys, I’d like to welcome you all to join my brand new server. It is a pure vanilla gameplay server, meaning no half-craft or admin abuse/spawning. We have two dedicated server owners who will monitor for hackers and keep the server up 24/7.

feel free to hop in and have fun! The server is very noob friendly, we have a lot of experience in rust and are always happy to help out a new player who has questions about the game.

The server IP is:
to connect using the console, hit f1 in game and enter: net.connect
you can also search for it in the server browser: Nausiation Gaming

our mumble server IP is:

feel free to join and chat!

Thanks for reading,
Mr. Flip, Co-owner

This is a nice low pop US Central server. There are about 10 people max on it at the moment.

I joined it for a fresh start and am hoping it gets to a nice 40-50 average player base.

I haven’t seen any admin abuse.