[US] New Apr25 Base-a-palooza | Highrate custom| KITS (metalbase/kev/m4/signal),PvP,TP

No craft C4, instead using “/kit signal” (22h cooldown) and voting on TRS to get 500 LQM and 2 C4.
No Dura / Sleepers / PvP
Start with Kev, MP5, M4, ammo and food.
Metal Base kit “/kit metalbase” for materials for 2x1 metal base with 2 metal doors.
Kit for all blueprints “/kit blueprints”, don’t spend time looking through loot boxes for basics.

Drops are custom and heavily focused on building metal bases, and attacking them using grenades (and C4 from supply signals and voting on TRS)

No Admin abuse
Air drops @ 2
Looking for groups and clans to join
Freshly started on 4/25


Voting on TopRustServers should be working correctly. 500 LQM and 2C4 after each vote.
/vote to get URL and use /redeem afterwards to get the reward.

Changed airdrop requirements from 10 to 2, to encourage people to bring friends and during empty server moments (which hopefully will become rare as a result).

Things are picking up. Get your supply signal, metal base and voter reward while supplies last.

Known issue with cooldowns not working for metalbase and supply signal kits. Giving an opportunity for those wanting to abuse the situation and get lots of supply drops and protect them with your metal bases. Enjoy.

Bolt Action Rifle now available for those that vote for us on toprustservers.com as a voter reward. This is the only way to get a Bolt Action Rifle on the server, and they are not researchable.

Get your kits for supply signals (unlimited), metal base parts (unlimited), all blueprints, and all metal building parts (with research kits). Get busy Base building, at the Base-a-palooza server.

Come have some fun. See ^^ for details.

More bases, base-a-palooza. Come join the fun

Everyone now starts with:
UBER HATCHET (yes, seriously), All Kev, MP5, M4, ammo, large meds and food.

And “/kit metalbase” gives you enough materials for a metal base with at least 5 metal doors.

It has proven rather entertaining, with the combination of kits and uber hatchet. Come enjoy some fun.

Here’s a better name for the server:
[US] Base-a-palooza start w/ kev/m4/uberhatch kits signal/metal