(US)New Dallas Server[PVP][Sleepers][Half Craft][Active Admins][1/24]

Server IP :

The Life of Rust

Official Website - The Life of Rust

We are a relatively new server, started by 2 people that had constant issues with servers we play on disappear out of the blue. We have active admins who will not abuse any of our abilities and have been very helpful to our current player base. Most people are on during the typical night/evening hours of the week.

No teleport requests
No Admin spawning requests
Zero Tolerance on hacking
Racial crap is not tolerated either
Griefing of bases(ie destroy stairs, places pillar or ceiling)

Plugins Installed

Oxide Essentials
Removaltool - Only admins to stop base griefing, clear decayed structures and foundations that are abandoned.
Tickets - submit to a admin if you have issues while we are not around

Edit: Server wiped as of 2/25 due to the map changes and the durability patch. We are currently running the durability at .5 instead of the default 1 since too many things were degrading too fast.

This server is great, freshly wiped on 2/2/14, people are just now getting on with new wipe! Come join the fun with the best admins i’ve ever played with.

Awesome new server. Admins are literally on atleast 20 hours a day. Definitely never even suspect of them abusing. New server just need some more people come and play!

These admins really are the best I have ever played with. They are on almost 24/7 and provide an amazing atmosphere.

We have wiped as of 2/8, unfortunately I can’t update the title. We are new player friendly as well.

bump for this sweet server

Server is going great, new people joining daily.

Update 2/17/14

We added 2 new plugins. The protection plugin and the location plugin.

  • New players to the server will have 2 hours of protection from pvp in order to get them acclimated to the server before they are killed, if you log out the timer stops until you log back in, if you attack another player or player structure, the protection is gone.

  • Location plugin gives you coords of where you are and rustnuts.com is where you can put them to find out where you are, you won’t be able to find other people without them giving you the coords.

Server wiped 2/25 and changes to the durability modifier is .5 instead of default 1.