[US] New Rust server PVP Sleepers active admins!

I just bought a new server for my own community, we are looking for people that want to play the game how its supposed to be played. I am to make this a very playable server banning hackers and harassers ASAP. I am also looking for people that are mature enough and have the judgement to become active admins (Teamspeak and dedication required for admins)

**What we have to offer: **

  • We listen to our community (preferable game settings, etc)
  • We play often
  • Willing to help any new people as much as possible
  • We play fair, but we don’t make exceptions to make the game any less for ourselves
  • Insta Craft now enabled
    What to watch out for:**
  • You’re going to get killed naked it can’t be stopped (Unless it happens over and over)
  • If you plan to exploit, hack, or harass you will be banned
  • If you see an admin abusing they will have their powers revoked (No warning)
  • Espionage is ok in my eyes
  • Do not grief others or their bases

We look forward to seeing you guys in here!

Console: net.connect

If interested in admin add turnip11 on steam.

Just curious…what would you consider “abuse” from admins? I mean, there’s the obvious, spawning items for other players or throwing up 50,000 airdrops in 10 minutes, but what about admins giving themselves items so they can build in peace? Also, what is your take on God mode? I as a prospective admin would think it’d be necessary for admins, so griefing players couldn’t come up to you and kill you over and over. What are your thoughts on this?

Anything that would alter gameplay at all in favor of the admin or any other specific player.

EDIT: For example if an admin spawned any item, teleported someone who isn’t stuck or glitched, kicks / bans people for no reason, etc. My admins need to be in there to pretty much monitor the game. Also obviously god mode is a big no no for the most part however if a complete newb is playing and getting harassed by an undisclosed person then I would maybe think about granting that person some immunity until they can get a shelter up.

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EDIT: Server has now been changed to half craft, due to popular demand.

Still looking for more people! :slight_smile:


Server is now instant craft!

Alright I tried this server out and its pretty neat! I’ll go ahead list my Review on this sever.

Pros: Very Nice People , Noob Friendly! , Insta-Craft of course! xD , Friendly Admins that DON’T Abuse there powers , and very peaceful!

Cons: Lack of players… (But However if you join this server and let this community grow then this server shall be amazing! I don’t lie!)

Extra: Just one of those neat servers that you barely may find :slight_smile:


Looking for some more late night players!