[US]New Rust Server! Rust Essentials Doorsharing/PVP/Active Admins/Airdrops/Building/Noob Friendly!

I’ve just put up my new server for the public! the** net.connect is** we have starter kits to help you along the way with surviving in the brutal world of Rust! Active Admins, Teleport Requests to Admins, Doorsharing, PvP enabled, Sleepers, we’re also noob friendly and are more then happy to show you the ropes!
Dedicated Admins
Starter Kits!
Teleport Requests
Door Sharing
Global Chat
Private Messaging
US East Coast Server
Crafting Scale to 0.1
Creating PvP Arenas for Events
Legit Admin Players

Did a Fresh Server Wipe and Worked on some Lag issues as well as updating the starter kits and creating a PvP Arena